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You know, our great, great grand mothers & our great grandmothers and our grand mothers and even some of our mothers got into marriage without knowing the man... The man and his family came, paid bride prize and off she went or the man's parents came and off she went... And these women stayed put in those marriages for 50,60 years bearing children, training them, going to farms, becoming step mothers and watching their husbands marry after them... Now maybe this is the reason why women of our generation are being told to hang on in their marriages even when they are unhappy and abused...Recently there has been a new awareness and a new campaign... Do not remain in an abused marriage amongst many others telling our women to stand for themselves and not be afraid to walk away from an abusive marriage and damn the judgements that will follow afterall its her life we are talking about here as opposed to the more popular watch and pray, try to please him, dress sexy and all that... Women and domestic violence has trended a lot of recent and almost everybody is aware now but lets take a look at the other side... Who talks about the men who are abused? those whose wives massacre everyday with their tongues? those whose wives have totally reduced their manhoods to zero? those whose wives refuse them their bodies starving them of sex? those whose wives turn them to hopeless and nothing before their children? those whose wives slaps at every little provocation? those who have wives who flirt around and sleep with other men? those who have wives that pass on the kids of other men to them? those that their wives have killed? i could go on and on... the fact remains that men also suffer domestic violence too and the trend is that when they speak out they are ridiculed and it amazes me... that those who stand out for women, are outraged when they see or hear about a woman being abused will laugh at and ridicule a man in the same situation... When a man comes out to cry on how he found out that a woman he married and has kids with, a woman he works to provide for and takes care of is cheating and he is devastated and hurt and heart broken... i see ladies who go on such posts and begin to type good for you, dress sexy for her, ho and watch war room, pray for her, fast and pray so that she will change and just being plain ridiculous.... Friends there is nothing funny about betrayal and heartbreak and abuse and violence whether it happens to a man or a woman... let us learn to be humanists first before we become divided along gender lines... There are bad and terrible men and there are also bad and terrible women too and we must all learn to fight for the abused irrespective of gender... women evening gowns