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I wrote this article! Music fan friends, I can't wait to share this with you! (And who doesn't enjoy discovering a kick ass new song or two?

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Below is an article I wrote! It's within my Facebook post. I decided to use my lateness in posting my best of 2017 music list on Facebook as an
opportunity to share my best songs and best CD list with you but with a Valentines Day slant, focusing mostly on 2017 songs especially suited for your Valentine's Day festivities.

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by Jill Blardinelli

Celebrating Valentines Day can pertain not only to couples but also to Guyvalentine/Galentine outings or family festivities. And one of the best ways to set the tone is combining food, drinks and decor with the best music playing.

Below are my 10 favorite albums and my 11 favorite singles that came out in 2017. Hopefully some of these will inspire you to create the holiday mood that you are seeking.

First, my favorite 10 albums of 2017:

"Reputation" by Taylor Swift

Ms. Swift and Mr. Joe Alywyn found each other in the past eighteen months. This album contains the best songs on the topic of romantic relationships that she has ever written. Being in love brings out the best in some people --- Ms. Swift is one of them. She should be proud of her achievements on this CD. Music fans are reaping the benefit of her good fortune in love.

Especially good choices for setting a mood with your sweetie are "King of my Heart" and "Call It What You Want." The latter song is so soulful in its joy and security that it reminds me of hearing "Back In Your Arms Again" for the first few times. All of Reputation is suited for quality Galentine time with the girls.

2) You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Gwen Stefani

Wait a minute! Who wants to hear Christmas carols on Valentine's Day?

Some of the songs on this A+ pop album are year-round songs about a woman being thrilled with a new man with whom she is Facebook official. (The cover songs are of course Christmas songs but you will enjoy them in December.)

Here is another case of a music celebrity singer-songwriter who is blooming from her current situation of finding the right partner, resulting in a strong love song album. Ms. Stefani's original love songs here feature memorable and pleasing melodies, a great flow and groove, talented arrangements, and a lot of likable excitement as if she's waiting for Santa on Christmas morning. Clearly she believes in love which makes her original songs here an appropriate choice for you and your sweetie. These songs rank just as highly with me as do her earlier love songs "Underneath It All" and "Hella Good." Ms. Stefani and Mr. Blake Shelton's much publicized cozy commitment is a music fan's gain here. wedding party items for bridesmaid in dark purple

One of my favorite songs for tomorrow is " Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes Before You."

3) Texoma Shore by Blake Shelton

People magazine's appointed "sexiest man alive", a title several of my girlfriends agree with one hundred percent, may seem silly and superficial. But Mr. Shelton, like Paul McCartney, Prince or Frank Sinatra, could sing your affordable care health insurance policy and make it sound sexy. This means that I listened to Texoma Shore numerous times before I was willing to believe in the excellence of this album. His love songs here rank up there with his "Sangria" and "God Gave Me You". And yes, here we go again. Blake is blooming here. His happiness translates to a damn good soundtrack for your Valentines celebration.

4) The Navigator by Hurray for the Riff Raff

A lot of hipster types have not-so-secret crushes on singer-songwriter-guitarist Alynda Segarra. But her love songs here sound as though they are directed at herself and towards her New York City. At least a couple of the pretty songs SOUND sonically as though they are romantic love songs, in particular doo-wop melodies without the harmonies. On YouTube she covers "Be My Baby" which made me a new fan of that old song. Play it today for your musical sweetie or expose your young daughter to a new rock chick role model.

5) Dark Matter by Randy Newman

"She Chose Me" is the choice for your husband or wife for tomorrow!
Even though "Putin" is not a love song, you and your sweetie or friends can have a good leftie laugh about Putin putting on his pants.

6) "Murder In The Second Degree" by Yo La Tengo

This album has an interesting and humorous history. In 2006, Yo La Tengo volunteered at a community radio station fundraiser. Listeners called the station to make a money pledge. In return, Yo La Tengo played and sang on the spot over the air whatever request the donor made.
This album is volume two from that fundraiser. It was just released in 2017. Who doesn't want to hear Yo La Tengo try to cover the Outkast as well as try to cover the best and worst of commercial and college radio oldies with no rehearsal.

This CD would be very appropriate to enjoy today with anyone special in your life who loves music past and present including family. Some of your parents will know some of these requests.

7) New Wav Bounce, Vol 1 by Calvin Harris

Creative as all get-out, sexy with only two love songs on the entire CD, these stellar songs would not be out of place on Valentine's Day! Besides New Wav Bounces contains the best single song of 2017.

8) Jupiter Calling by The Coors

There are thrilled to the moon AND unhappy relationship ditties on this 2017 Coors album. All of the violin playing conjures up the European romance of a table side violin serenade at a white tablecloth restaurant. In addition to being a long-favorite popular rock band with virtuoso soprano vocals and instruments, the band dresses as though they are going out for a very nice dinner date! Not only are they fun to listen to but they are fun to watch in live concert videos!

Therefore, the entirety of Jupiter Calling would sound perfect to share with a person you really really like. "Hit My Ground Running" is my favorite

9) Evolve by Imagine Dragons

This is that rare 2017 album that can appeal to you, your teenager, and even your tween son or daughter. It's about teens rebellion and finding themselves but it is also about reaching for ones dreams at any age. It manages to accomplish this without being perky or goody two shoes. For a special family dinner tonight, it would be a good soundtrack while eating that heart-shaped cake you baked. By the way, for couples, " Walking The Wire" is about a married couple who promise to do everything possible to make things work.

10) American Teen by Khalid

I have Khalid to thank for my newfound appreciation of Imagine Dragons. You see, I thought I was too cool for the "Thunder"!

I used to turn the radio station whenever "Thunder" came on. Maybe it was those silly voices repeating thunder that turned me off. Or the fact that I know friends' children who lovvvve this song.

Then I saw Khalid and Imagine Dragons perform "Young Dumb and Broke" and "Thunder", combining the songs as they shared the stage in front of an ecstatic television music awards crowd. I couldn't decide whether Khalid (I was already a fan of him) or Dan Reynolds was responsible for those few minutes of magic on that stage. I went back and listened to Evolve. I decided that the Dragons and Khalid are both amazing. Khalid's title song "American Teen" (reminds me somehow of Green Day's slower tunes) and "8Teen" just might be the first specifically teen anthems in a very long time.

American Teen by Khalid is full of like, lust, and love confections, special as a cake frosted with homemade seven minute frosted. There is sweetness even in his frustrated moments. What a wonderful soundtrack for some time alone with your honey today. Whenever Khalid isn't singing about the generation gap/wanting to move out on his own, he is singing about girls.


1) "Feels" by Calvin Harris featuring Pharrell Williams, Big Sean, and Katy Perry.
As many of you know, I am a singer. Some of you reading this are singers as well. Singers receive the coaching advice that if a performance creates a world that is so appealing that listeners want to be part of it, they have succeeded. In Calvin Harris' summer single "Feels", the tipsy luau vibe draws the listener in . The video and the lyrics affectionately make fun of women being placed on pedestals AND love cliches. Memory-electricity indeed.
Yet ironically, Feels" will make anybody fall a little more in love today. It's THAT good of a song, my favorite single of the year.

2) "Redbone" by Childish Gambino
A good choice for date music because he sings like Prince! And he's Donald Glover (Atlanta television series). Bruno Mars may try to dance like Prince while singing slick pick up lyrics but Childish Gambino SOUNDS like Prince as well as musically experimenting as did Prince.

3) "Malibu" by Miley Cyrus

On the beach with your honey. You can't get better than that for February 14.

4) "SOB" by Nathaniel Ratliff
Boys night out, hating Valentine's Day. Crank this on the way to dinner and drinks. Outstanding song from his Live at Red Rocks CD, one of many party time numbers on this CD by a traditional band who play their instruments with skill and joy.

5) "Turning Me On" by Blake Shelton.

"And your lips taste like sangria"

6) "Bad and Boujee" by Migos.

This song has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. Unless you were wondering why her coveted Valentine's gift is an instant pot-pot - pot! So catchy it definitely belongs on my favorite 2017 singles list.

7) "Start A Fire" by John Legend

Need I explain?

8) "You're The Best Thing About Me" by U2
This song's grown man confidence and ability to enjoy staying faithful to his wife makes this a fun song to include today with your partner. Word to the wise: you have between February 15 and the summer U2 concert to work out your differences about who does the dinner dishes so be extra kind today!

9) "These Girls" by Why Don't We
If you have tween children, they wouldn't mind hearing this or seeing the likable boy band video during dessert tonight. The song is about being 12 years old and not ready to choose one girl from all the cuties.

10) "Body Like A Back Road" by Sam Hunt

A song about being very attracted to your wife after many years together. Wouldn't it sound great in a mash-up with "Work From Home"?

11) "I Like Cats, You Like Dogs" by Cindy Lee Berryhill.
Whether this puts a,smile on your faces tonight because it's true for your relationship or whether it makes you feel better about a break-up, all cat lovers must see this video.