sweet 16 court wears

As E Dey HOT
1. When I was a kid, Pussy means Cat, Sex
means Gender, DICK was a name, And Bang was
a sound, Whats happening to this Generation?
2. You drank garri twice today, buy #100
recharge card and get 10mb, came on Facebook
and wrote ''Money no be problem'
Ur case dey court
3. You dey owe mama ikenna #50 and and you
dey wear ''My money grow like grass T-shirt''
Wehdone sir!
4. You fit pay #5000 enter club but for church na
#20 be your offering
God is watching you o
5. You're too big to dance in church but you go
gaga crazy when you hear the (gbedu wey dey
burst brain)
God dey watch you o
6. You're married but still chases other ladies and
you claim you're going for refresher courses
Your cup go soon full
7. Just because you met him in a bus and he
bought you gala, you cum store his name as
''Bros gala''
Sista tank you o
8. You're an O'level holder but you sponsor your
girl for university
My broda, you be scholarship board?
9. You dey inside hotel room snap picture come
upload and write ''Home Sweet Home''
Your Mata Dey God's Hand
10. You enter public transport #600 to go
shoprite go snap picture with other people's
Abeg wetin i wan tell you?''
11. Do you know that 90% of Girls Urinate On
Their Body While Bathing ?
12. Dangote did not send 'I love you Jesus to 25
people before he get rich' please stop disturbing
me or else I will curse ooo
13. NEPA is the Major cause of unwanted
Pregnancy in Nigeria
Everythng starts when she Enters the Room to
Charge Her Phone
14. Salary 20k, Phone 400k, Weavon 30k. And
you go to church to ask God for a Miracle, When
you are already Performing magic
15. If You Were Ask To Collect N1,000.
From All Your EX How Much Will You Get
As For Me I Will Get N4000
16. I overheard a girl talking to her BF, initially I sweet 16 court wears
thought she was talking to God, because the
things she asked for only God can provide them
17. When the devil fails to destroy you, it sends
you a girlfriend from MBA_ISE
18. Plz Know your priorities and spend your
money wisely. Don't go and buy selfie stick when
your armpit really needs a shaving stick.
19. Marriage is like jamb
You will be admiring UniBen & UNN buh last last
end up in OmoPoly
20. Don't ever insult or challenge d woman who
cook ur food bcos #20 can buy Rat Poison.
My hands no dy ooo
21. For Those Of You Who Went To Private
School And Are Intelligent, What Is The Past
Tense Of GOtv?
22. Some have bae but can not cheat .Some
can cheat but have no bae . I have bae and i
can la la la what do yu want 2 hear? Amebo
23. Guys plz if u are dating my future WIFE plz
take it easy on her, don't make her shout words
like harder, don't stop, ride on
24. Condoms are for weak ass men, real men fuck
quickly & pull out before HIV notices.
25. Some chicks be like:"I can't cook my mom
didn't teach me babe."
Now tell me,who taught you doggystyle hehh??
26. Why do Ladies with Gap Teeth Always
Apologize Like.
"Baby I'm Thorry , It Vont Hapfen Again."?
27. It's only African parents dat will advice you
for 6hours & still tell you "I don't have much to
28. After having sex with many guyz some girls
we still call that area private part, for ur
information is not private but public.
29. I am done with breaking people's heart
Am now focusing on the spinal cord
30. It's only in Nigeria movies that you will see
an angel with a tribal mark
31. After what Ramos did to salah, I now
understand why RAMS are killed during SALAH
# UCL fans
32. True love is when you wear your Girlfriend's
underwear to show Other girls that you are
already taken.
34. Some be dating an ugly girl & be lyk anoda
man's food is anoda man's poison, my frnd
poison na poison ntin lyk anoda man food
35. She is nt good in bed
She is nt good in bed
Ma brother hv u try d table, chair or floor, she
must b good SOMWIE.
36. Some Ladies On Facebook They Look Like
Beyonce. In Real Life,they Look Like Mugabe.
37. Ladies 
Pls Try as Much as Possible to Look Like the
Person on ur Profile Pic.
This is the 10th Time my Cousin is Waisting
38. U came to kidnap me with a G-Wagon and u
expect me to shout. Abeg shift make I balance
39. Cigarettes and weed are for small boys, real
men smoke mosquito coil
40. If you're too happy in a relationship, just
know you're the Side Chic. Main Chics don't
usually have peace of mind.
41. I have never seen someone having heart beat
than a guy who impregnate a soldier daughter.
He'll start chewing water, end up drinking rice
42. Guys, whatever you do in this life, don't
offend your village people
My neighbour won 500k from bet9ja and his
girlfriend washed it with his trousers.
43. Child of God and you still have sex with
Isn't God's protection enough for you?
44. This days, Davido's girlfriend trend more than
some nigerian artist. When last you hear from
45. This is Nigeria where girls borrow make-up
and dress just to visit a guy who borrow room
from his friend.
Too much Confusion and Transmissions
46. Since i was born and now i am getting old,
I've never seen the wife of a president pregnant.
Brothers and sister have you seen?
47. Some girls will plait their hair and their
forehead will be shining as if their brain is using
solar energy.
Lemme mind my business sef.
48. Men are like BLUETOOTH CONNECTION. When
you're beside them, they stay connected. But
when you're away they search for NEW DEVICES.
49. How Chinese people choose their kids name.
Very simple! Just throw their pot or pans down
the stairs and listen to sound, ''Ding-Ping-Wong-
50. Don't trust a girl who doesn't use her
father's name on social media. If she can deny
her father, my brother who're you?
You wey go read this my post, you no go
comment. ? ? ?