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The whole day went slowly for me. Waiting for darkness and preparing the house for the funeral,or should i say funerals?. I went to fetch Kgao from crech and when i came back i found my target sitting with Jake. Is she making a move already?she had better not be trying anything funny,well besides she is eating those ginger biscuits for the last time today. I started making dinner and i must say i outdid myself,i guess it was the happy mood i was in. After 8 i heard a knock on the door, Jake went to find out who it was. Upon opening the door... royal blue wedding guest dresses
jake: i think you have the wrong house.
Man: voetsek!get inside man!
Jake: please dont kill me!
Man: just shut up!moer!They hit him on the head with the back of a gun. He fainted. The other one tied him to a chair while the other one got the two woman from the bedroom,i pretended to scream,i had to play my part. Jumbo came over to me and instructed me to go sit next to those two. I dont know the other guys but that was not a problem.
Jumbo: give me all your phones,and you go search for anything valuable in the bedrooms. Take off those earings and that pearly thing on your neck. Svitxo,take off the ring from the old man,put everything in this bag.When the guy took Jakes ring,he woke up,terrified. The gogo and my target were petrified. A few minutes later the two guys came back from the bedrooms,i didnt even check what they took,i started screaming because i thought Jumbo was stalling.Jumbo: you bitch!
He got up from where he was sitting and took me by my hand,he threw one hot slap across my face,it was one unexpected blow from him and i screamed some more
Jumbo: now i will show you what i do to bitches like you.He took out a knife and tore my dress,he also tore my panty and bra. I was left stark naked, the other guys started whistling
Jake: please,let her go!
Jumbo: shut up you fool,and you are going to dance for me.He raped me infront of everyone. Eve got up and jumbed on top of Jumbo, he pushed her and she fell,when she got up she came back and started hitting him it was a madhouse,i dont know who was saying what but i heard "let her go" and screams,jumbo pushed her again and instructed svitxo to take care of her,before anyone could say anything svitxo opened fire and Eve fell down with blood oozing from her chest. Her mother ran to Svitxo and started hitting him.
Her: kill me,kill me you fool
Svitxo: your wish is my commandHearing that the old woman threw a punch at Svitxo hitting him on his head,he shot her three times,two in the stomach and one on the head. I saw jake closing his eyes.
Jumbo: guys lets go.He winked at me a threw a hot punch at Jake and broke his nose. They then left with everything they took in the house. I waited for a few minutes then went and untied Jake who then gave me a hug.............................................................................................dont forget to hit that like button guys!