mother of the groom dress

Joy Nielsen Werka Melody Dickson Grandma Nina's yellow dress at the Bess Streeter Aldrich Home in Elmwood!

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The Depression Exhibit at the Bess Streeter Aldrich House includes some interesting apparel from the 1920's and 30's. Here will have 1) a bridesmaid's dress from the wedding of Mary Aldrich (Beechner) in 1931, 2) wedding dress of Viola (Lanning) Thomson from 1935 (a navy dress was selected because she could wear it to other events), 3) a typical house dress and apron, and 4) a dress worn by Nina (Evans) Hammer in 1927 for her engagement photo. mother of the groom dress

The weather is supposed to be better this weekend. Take this opportunity to visit the Aldrich House and see a variety of items from the Depression Era: depression glass, banking items, aprons, barbering items, and even grasshoppers! Open Saturday and Sundays from 1 to 4.