long crop top prom gowns


This is what people are now telling God "YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO CREATE US!!!

Why didn't you create us with at least our ears and nose pierced with rings?! You should have painted our lips, fingers, our eyelids is not long enough! Our head has short hair without different colours! Why?! You even forget to draw tattoo in our body, jerrycurl our hair! Even our nails are too short! Our complexion suppose to be different from this one we are having, our hips suppose to be curver than this... AND SO MANY COMPLAINTS!!

Don't worry very soon GOD will cast your destiny (Soul) to LAKE OF FIRE! It will keep burning you until even your eyes will be pierced not only your ears and your complexion will change by the time the sulphur & fire roast your body... ALL COMPLAINTS WILL BE SOLVED!! You call yourself a christian & you agree that GOD is PERFECT, the almighty never makes mistake YET you bleach your skin, you wear eye-lashes & you even went for breast enlargement surgery. What message are you trying to pass to the world. Now when you put on those things before you walk 15 metre about 100 men have already slept with you right there in their heart because of those satanic clothing such as make-up, tight skirt, female trouser & skirt that did not reach your knees & when they correct you, your cheek will swell with ANGER & PRIDE! You profess to be born again, General Overseer, Pastor's wives & you see no good reason to obey correction! "Show me where its written in the bible" THOU HYPOCRITES! Do you need a verse in the bible to tell you to brush your teeth or to eat but you want Bible verse that will tell you to stop draging souls to hell! YE SERPENT, YE GENERATION OF VIPERS, how will you escape the damnation of hell? It doesn't matter what your Pastor preach to you in your church, God will use bible to judge everyone not pastor & if your pastor is telling you that your dressing does not matter to God, your pastor is a satanic AGENT!! They are telling you cheap lies & you are happy you have forgotten that its the truth that will stand! Lies when said, may dominate for years but when the truth comes, it will breaks them into IRREPARABLE PIECES! TRUTH! In fact rapture will tell now, after rapture you will regret following them. Do you think God will compromise his holiness! If God fearing lady/man dress very well you will start to mock them & even make them to feel discourage! Tell me how will you escape hell? REPENT or PERISH? Decide Now. long crop top prom gowns
- A. Abiodun

Romans1:26- "...for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature." This verse of the bible is so direct anybody would understand. The 'women' did change the natural to unnatural (to that which is against nature). They have changed the natural (face) to unnatural. They changed their natural (colour) to unnatural. They changed the natural (body) to unnatural, they changed the natural (gender) to unnatural. They changed the natural to unnatural. You know the natural attribute God has given you that you have changed to unnatural... How else can we be told what is wrong and right?

"Nevertheless, the foundation of God standeth sure.... The Lord knoweth those who are his"