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Episode 23
Charlie watched him till he drove down the street. She opened the gate and went in closing it behind her.
Hanna was not able to control herself, her room was messed up due to the power. Mrs David heard the noise from her room and went to Hanna’s door. She knocked on the door wondering what was happening inside. “Hanna, what's wrong?”her mum’s voice brought her back to her normal self. She looked around and saw what she had done. She quickly went to her door and closed it properly. “It’s nothing mum.”she said standing by the door. “Why those notices”her mum asked. “It’s nothing. Am OK”she replied. “Alright”her mum said and left. She bent down slowly looking at how her room got messed up. “It’s time to take back what is supposed to be mine”she said still angry.
Charlie got in and went to her room still smiling. She met her mum sleeping already, she dropped her bag and sat gently beside her. Madam Susan opened her eyes and saw Charlie. “You’re back”she said smiling. “Yes mum.”she replied. “I told you not to come back late”her mum said looking at her. She checked the time and it was quarter to nine. “Am sorry for that”she said. “Go to bed now or you won’t wake up early for school tomorrow”her mum said looking at her. “OK mum”she said and stood up.
Justin got home with a smile. He responded well to the maid's greetings with a broad smile. They all were surprised by that and concluded he was in a happy mood that today. He left the living room and went straight to his room. His dad traveled to take care of his business in Paris for a week. He had nobody to stop him or ask him why he came late. He opened the door and went into his room whistling.
He took off his jacket and fell on his bed holding his phone. He texted a message to Charlie”hey, are you sleeping?”he pressed send and it delivered to charlie”no am not. Because I kept thinking about you”Charlie sent back to him. Justin read it and smiled. “Same with me. I don’t think I would be able to sleep alone”he sent to her. Charlie read it smiling. “I feel like seeing you once again”Justin texted again smiling. Charlie read it and laughed silently”OK, just close your eyes for 10 seconds thinking about me. Now open your eyes and turn around. you’ll find me right beside you.”Charlie sent it to him smiling.
Justin read this smiling. He closed his eyes and did as she instructed. He opened his eyes but nothing happened.”you’re not here.”he replied but Charlie had fallen asleep. He waited for her reply but there was none. “Sleeping?”he sent to her and still no reply. “She slept off already”Justin said and dropped his phone on the shelf beside him. He covered himself with his blanket closing his eyes to sleep. Few seconds later, he opened them back and turned to the other side”why am I the only one that can’t sleep right now.?”he said kicking his feet on the sofa.
A little girl was sitting on the floor crying with her dress covered in blood. Beside her was a woman, lying down in pool of blood. A car was packed beside them. the scene looks like there was an accident. “Mummy! Mummy wake up”the girl cried shaking the woman’s body. She was around 9or10 years of age. She stood beside the woman crying. The woman is young probably 28years of age.
The girl cried more and more calling her mother”mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!!
Charlie quickly woke up from her dream sweating and panting seriously. She looked at her mum and she was still sleeping. “What’s this dream about? This is the third time am having this same dream. Who are those people am seeing in my dreams?”she said looking scared. She checked the time and it was quarter past four.
She was not able to sleep soundly till morning.
The next day at school, Hanna called her on phone to meet her at the former practice room. Charlie wondered why she called her. She left for the place after telling Lucia where she was going.
When she got there, she saw her standing in the middle of the large room with her back turned to her. Charlie moved closer to her wondering why the place of all places. The room was empty and wide. It had cobwebs at some angles.
“Why did you call me here?”she asked looking at her back view. Hanna turned to her and folded her arms. “I called you because I felt like doing that. Charlie what’s going on between you and Justin. Don’t tell me you guys are dating”hanna asked looking at her. Charlie was surprised by her question. She didn’t know what to say to her, she was just staring at her. “I think am talking to someone here”Hanna said raising her voice. “What do you expect me to say about that?”Charlie replied looking at her. By now, she got more angry and felt like pounding on her but she stayed calm and moved closer to her. “I loved him first before you. I know what’s going on between you guys. How did you manage to seduce him? Huh? I know he can’t love someone like you, you must have seduced him. Tell me how you did that. Tell me right now”Hanna said pushing her angrily. “Will you stop this sh*t? Stop it now”Charlie shouted on her looking frustrated. Hanna was surprised by her attitude. She never saw her like that before. “Yes I love him and I don’t think I need permission from you before I can love who my heart chose.”Charlie said looking at her. “what?”Hanna said looking more angry. “Yes. You’re not a shame of yourself. How can you open that mouth and tell me that.? We may be living in your house as maid. But that doesn’t mean you have control over our lives. My heart hurt because
You look so pitiful right now”Charlie said looking at her badly. “What? How dare you say that to me”Hanna said and slapped her face. Charlie moved back holding her cheek. “I’ll show you why am better than you”Hanna said looking at her. She raised her hand and threw Charlie on the ground with her power. Charlie fell to the ground and brushed her arm on the floor. She looked at it and saw blood, she then looked back at Hanna angrily. “I promise you’ll regret this later. You look more pathetic and stupid to use your power on me”Charlie said looking at her. “Will you shut that rotten mouth of yours?”Hanna said and blew her backward again. This time, Charlie hit her head on the wall and blood could be seen at the corner of her lips. Hanna moved closer to her and grabbed her neck. Charlie held her hand struggling to free herself”why can’t you use your power? You were not with any because you’re nothing but a trash.”she said looking at her. “Let me go now!”Charlie yelled at her. “So bad I can’t”Hanna said still holding her. She hit her head on the wall again this time Charlie couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to push her back with her hand but she flew away like a paper and hit her back on the wall. Charlie got surprised by this and stood up on her feet looking at Hanna who was now groaning in pain. She wanted to move closer to her but her body moved in speed standing before Hanna. Hanna got scared looking at her. She moved back to the wall shaking in fear. “Don’t come closer please!”Hanna pleaded moving back although she couldn’t go any further than that because of the wall. lace coverd with long sleeve items to wear
To be continued