June Bridals white color items to wear for the prom situation

You went to a clothing store, bought fabric to sew.... say French lace or Ayepe lace... the seller asked you if you like the colour, texture and all about the fabric, you said yes. You paid and she packed you the fabric. Happy, you head straight to tailor's place to sew. You chose a style, get measured... paid the tailor and even left him with some tips.
Two weeks after, you collected the sewn fabric now dress... Happy. . . You wore it, once, twice... took some pictures, post on Facebook, Instagram..... and all.... even framed some pictures....you got so much compliment that you are almost bursting for it. Then suddenly, the fabric colour washed off because you didn't read the washing instructions. Angry and upset, you pack the fabric and head back to the clothing store for refund. June Bridals white color items to wear for the prom situation
Such is many people's attitude when going into marriage. You love her? Yes! You will die for him? Yes!..... You'll eat her poopoo? Yes! Marry his mother? Yes! All questions, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
They'll pack Kola, carry, yam, call Sunny... hire limousine.... all in the name of I DO. In church, they'll smile and look at each other as in "WA FE KU LA LE YI"(fantasizing sex) paying no attention to what the pastor is saying until he says.. You may now kiss the bride.
After a year or two, husband says to wife, "this food is tasteless", wife pour the soup on husband's head.... "yeyeye! Your head is scarter".... husband says to wife, "go and pack your loads".... I'm taking you back to your parent's....
My people.... abeg, na so e easy?
"Ko joor, leyin ko farabale" (patiently) dey eat your Eba with the soup on your shirt.
Seriously, If you must - Do it right!